Skull Whispering – An Interactive Early Telepathy

Skull Whispering - Don Blair & Sands Fish

Wireless technology and mobile devices have dramatically changed the way we connect with each other, but while humans still just begin to grapple with this new mode of interconnection, already on the horizon are experiments in the form of quantum teleportation, brain linking and telepathy. Skull Whispering is a lo-fi suggestion at what this experience might be like. Utilizing a bone conductor and transmission at a distance, it allows two individuals to connect to each other in an intimate yet disconnected arrangement. One glove acts as the transmitter, the other as a private recipient of the transmission, reverberating the communication through the recipient’s skull.

The installation attempts to give a first glimpse of a (simultaneously fascinating and unsettling) future where the walls between minds are erased.

This project was a collaboration with Don Blair. More images can be seen here: