Neural Net Collaborative Aesthetics

This project, coded in Processing, has the goal of creating a vector file for use in laser-cutting patterns for use in clothing, but the greater motivation is collaboration.

Specifically, this is one in a series of projects I am creating to explore the space of collaborating on the creation of aesthetics in cooperation with an algorithm. In this incarnation, a number of aesthetic properties (number of circles, positioning, overlay, vertical layout, etc.) are fed into a neural network. Initially, the net will generateĀ a fairly random set of layouts, but as I suggest which designs I like and which I do not, the net begins to learn the properties of designs I find desirable. Together, we converge on designs that are ultimately a product of both of our decisions.

The choice of properties to hand to the neural net strongly influences its ability to suggest desirable layouts, and thoughtful design of what set of properties make a coherent representation of the desired aesthetic is important. In a way, there is a stage of the process where I design my collaborator before the collaboration begins.

This work is ongoing.

algo-collab-01 Screen Shot 2013-08-19 at 12.36.40 AM Screen Shot 2013-08-19 at 12.42.14 AM